31 October 2005


I’m writing this on 1st November – it's my most punctual diary entry in ages (finally uploaded on 4th November). October has also been a quiet month, with only six swear words being uttered – that’s the same number as in September, making these two months the lowest outputs so far. It seems as though ever since I set the ‘swear box challenge’ (to reach 200 swear words by the end of the year) in July, I have actually decreased the number of swears I say rather than increased! I have failed to meet my target of reaching 130 at the end of October and the grand total currently stands at 127.

All Or Nothing...

I guess it’s quite interesting that the six October swear words cropped up over just four days. Meaning that twice in the month, two swear words occurred on the same day. I wonder what it is about these two days? The 20th and 30th of October. I don’t think that I was particularly angry; I think it’s more a case of being in-for-a-penny-in-for-a-pound. I really am an all-or-nothing sort of person – this mannerism applies to nearly everything I do: working, cleaning, drinking, eating etc… And to a certain extent, this same mentality must be in play with my swearing. If I say one, well I may as well make it two!


The other interesting thing which happened in October, was the first reference to the Swear Box, in the same sentence as a swear. The sentence in question occurred whilst I was arguing with Jon on 30th October. I went into a rage and finished my outburst of expletives with ‘… And now it's all going online!’ It appears that, after 10 months of Swear Box, I am so conscious of my language usage that when I do swear it is with an acute awareness of the fact that this small sentence will be archived and will live on forever. This happens to such an extent that it makes the words themselves so much more powerful. It has an even more dramatic effect when the person the swear is aimed at is also aware of the Swear Box project, (which is what happened in this instance). The fact that this person has provoked you to utter one of those defined words means they really have pushed you to the limit. This means that I now use the swear words as signs – they say ‘I’m so angry, I’m prepared to put this sentence in the Swear Box!’

It is interesting because this means that the Swear Box has now become self-referential. It is no longer purely the document of a person’s swear usage. It is now clearly the document of the swear usage of a person who is documenting their swear words online. I know that we always knew this was the case, but now with the utterance of this one sentence in October, we have it in writing!

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