31 January 2005

Preparing to Count

After receiving several comments from friends and family about the increase in my bad language during 2004, I decided to start the Swear Box 2005 project. I would be able to monitor my language and to assess how many swear words I was using on a daily basis. The virtual Swear Box would have a similar effect to a real swear box in that it would make me more conscious of my swear usage, and that it would implement a consequence for each swear word I said.

I have previously counted my swear words for an entire year during the Daily Quantification Records project in 2003. I remember it was quite difficult to keep track of them. Every time I said a swear word I would make a mental note then add it to the written tally on the Daily Quantification Record later in the day. Sometimes I would note down the words I’d said and the event or actions which caused them, but this was not a compulsory requirement of the project. Sometimes when I was in a real rage, it was near impossible to remember each and every word, so as soon as I had sufficiently calmed down an estimate would have to be made. The overall effect of this the process was a reduction in the amount of swear words I used each day.

I thought it would be a simple progression from counting the ‘number of swear words uttered’ for the Daily Quantification Records to recording all the necessary information required for Swear Box 2005. IE: the exact date, time, entire sentence in which the swear word occurred and the person to whom the word was directed. Maybe I’d forgotten how difficult it was or maybe last time I didn’t notice because my brain was completely swamped by the multitude of other information I was counting, but maintaining Swear Box 2005 really became much more of a challenge than I’d anticipated...